Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Vermont

  • Northeast Healthcare Recruitment
  • Bennington, VT 05201, USA
  • Jul 13, 2018

Job Description


Associate provider (PA or NP) obligations will include: inpatient rounding, inpatient and ED consultations, surgical assisting, and outpatient evaluations. On any given day, specific responsibilities may vary. Scheduled OR cases or scheduled outpatient clinic should take precedent over issues that come up in the hospital, unless specifically directed. Associate providers should share equally in all responsibilities. While some associate providers may have specific areas of interest we want to promote, we also want flexibility and ability for any associate provider to perform any of the aforementioned tasks.


  • Inpatient Rounding: Seeing in-patients and in-patient consultations. This should be a collaborative effort with the team of associate providers.
  • Office Consultations: Depending on experience, associate providers will either see patients supervised by a physician or shadow a physician. As comfort level improves, associate providers will increase their independent patient volume. Associate providers can ask supervising physicians for assistance with any patient, but need to be comfortable and willing to assess all patients regardless of age, gender, condition, or any other characteristic.
  • Inpatient Consultations: Associate providers will be asked to assist with inpatient and ED consultations over the course of the workday. In an effort to minimize disruption to the outpatient office and OR, these consultations can be accomplished when other responsibilities do not take precedence. The on-call physician for the day will coordinate these consultations, including urgency with which they need to be addressed.
  • Operating Room: Associate providers should assist with OR cases, specifically with joint replacements, fracture surgery, and other cases where first-assistants are helpful. Documentation and ordering are shared responsibilities with the physician.

Work Hours: Normal weekday hours are 7AM to 4PM or 8AM to 5PM, depending on tasks for the day. Our goal is to complete work as efficiently as possible, and it’s fine for associate providers to leave the hospital campus when work is complete. That said, if work is not complete, we expect associate providers to be willing to stay to help complete needed tasks, ongoing surgical procedures, etc. The goal is to work as a team to complete the work so everyone can leave.

Call Obligations: The goal is ultimately to have a department of 5 associate providers who share equally in call obligations. Until that time, we will rotate call among the available providers, understanding that at no time will a provider be on call more than 1:4.

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