Case Manager Behavioral Health Hartford, CT

  • Northeast Healthcare Recruitment
  • 80 Seymour St, Hartford, CT 06102, USA
  • Apr 20, 2018

Job Description

      Develop and promote a supportive professional relationship with patients

·         Assess social, physical, and mental wellbeing (social determinants of health, PREPARE, ASSIST)

·         Develop, coordinate, and implement an appropriate individual service plan (ADD To our TP or should we develop one)

·         Foster and cultivate relationships with agencies and service providers

·         Provide supportive individual and/or group support to assist patients to modify attitudes and behaviors as needed.

·         Complete Initial comprehensive assessment of the client’s needs and their support systems using PREPARE and/or Social Determinants of Health

·         Monitor patient progress and reassess case management plans as needed.

·         Coordinate and link patient’s Initial comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs and person support systems.

·         Coordinate and link patients to all necessary services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to implement the plan.

·         Conduct periodic re-evaluation and revision of the plan as necessary over the life of the client..

·         Participate in case conferences with clinical providers as needed to sustain and improve patient quality of life;

·         Develop ongoing relationships and contacts with outside agencies.

·         Participates in professional development activities and maintains professional affiliations.

·         Fosters and cultivates relationships with agencies and service providers

·         Coordinate and accesses services for clients in areas such as: meals on wheels, transportation, home health aides, homemakers, financial assistance, counseling, preventative health screening, at home medication management, etc.

·         Maintain psychosocial documentation regarding individual client’s interventions, problems, issues and follow-up, and resident satisfaction

·         Maintain clients’ confidentiality in accordance with HIPPA regulations and protect and be respectful of clients; rights and privacy

·         Provide general assistance, advocacy, and education related to supportive services to all clients; provide up to date information and clarification regarding programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, entitlements by reviewing edibility status through annual reassessments.

·         Report all unusual incidents and cases of suspected abuse or neglect in accordance to Community Health Services policy and procedures

·         Perform any other department or agency-related duties or special projects as directed by supervisor

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