Physical Therapy

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  • Fort Jackson Blvd, Columbia, SC, USA
  • Dec 07, 2018
Full time Physical Therapy

Job Description

Physical Therapist Assistant: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ABILITIES REQUIRED BY THE POSITION:   - Knowledge of the application of a body of standardized physical therapy modalities including therapeutic exercise, to patients with varying degrees of physical disability. - Ability to independently assess and evaluate the indications and contra-indications for treatment, assuming responsibility for initiating patient care treatment programs, evaluating the reactions and result of treatment, and modifying such treatment as appropriate. - Knowledge of therapeutic interventions for patients who have a wide range of physical and behavioral health diagnoses and disabilities. - Knowledge of equipment, materials, and supplies used in a large variety of treatment procedures that support specialized physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments. - Skill in observing patients’ physical and emotional response to physical therapy treatment for the purposes of communicating reactions to the physical therapist, recording reactions in the patient’s medical records and modifying treatments as appropriate. - Knowledge of the human body structure and function, illnesses, and physical disabilities, and the uses of contra-indications of certain treatment procedures best supporting treatment goals. - Knowledge of physical disabilities and preventive therapy for the purpose of patient education. - Knowledge of evidence-based therapy practice and the skills to prepare case studies and summarize results. - Knowledge of data collection and ongoing therapy assessment techniques to perform specified aspects of patient evaluation and interventions. - Ability to provide complex/multi-step instructions to patients, caregivers, and other health care professionals, adapting instructions to meet the physical, learning, and/or behavioral health needs of the individual. - Ability to promote therapy services effectively, providing training and interventions within the assigned areas. - Ability to communicate both orally, graphically, and in writing as required by the particular situation. - Ability to provide care to meet the objectives of the treatment and obtain optimal recovery of the patient. - Duties require providing manual assistance in lifting and positioning patients, and extensive periods of standing and walking throughout the clinic.   - NOTE: Physical therapy duties are performed in an inpatient or outpatient setting in an environment involving everyday risks or discomforts requiring normal safety precautions. PHYSICAL EXAM MAY BE REQUIRED.    

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