• Public Alliance
  • Fort Stewart, GA, USA
  • Dec 07, 2018
Full time LPN-LVN

Job Description

Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse: As a Practical/Vocational Nurse you will work in a area such as Intensive Care/Coronary Care/Recovery Ward or Unit or similar location, as a member of a nursing team. Accomplish a wide range of complex nursing tasks. You will perform prescribed treatments such as irrigation of stomas, wounds, and catheters, accomplish complex changing of dressings and suctioning. You will administer medications within the established scope of practice. Performing a range of treatment procedures that include venipuncture, for the purpose of administering intravenous fluids, and monitoring and regulating their flow will be a part of your responsibilities. You will also assist physicians with a variety of diagnostic support duties, bedside examinations, treatments, and procedures. You will provide TOTAL patient care on a one-to-one basis when required. You will operate electro-cardiograph machines and cardiac defibrillators upon request.

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