Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  • Northeast Healthcare Recruitment
  • Warwick, RI, USA
  • Apr 21, 2018
Nurse Practitioner

Job Description

As part of the primary care treatment team, identifies, triages, and manages patient care for behavioral health patients within the primary care setting. In addition, the PCNS/BHNP will employ patient education strategies to develop specific behavioral change plans for patients and behavioral health protocols for target populations. The PCNS/BHNP will also coordinate prescription refills and provide follow up as needed.

Required Qualifications:

1. State of RI, RN and PCNS or BHNP Licensure

2. ANA Certification

3. DEA and RI Controlled Substance Registration

Significant Job Functions:

1. Triage client phone calls evaluating client’s needs/ health care needs

2. Assist primary health providers in recognizing and treating mental disorders and psychosocial problems

3. Assess the clinical status of patients referred by primary care providers through brief consultative contacts

4. Work with primary care provider to refer cases to mental health specialists as appropriate

5. assist in the identification of at risk patients and develop plans to prevent further psychological or physical deterioration

6. Provide health care education and information for client self-care needs

7. Coordinate and assess clients health care/ illness needs; scheduling appointment with providers as necessary

8. Call in or fax prescriptions as needed

9. Maintain standard precautions at all times

10. Assess patients for potential communicable diseases and utilize infection control precautions. ( I.E. isolation of patient with TB or Chicken Pox)

11. Document all aspects of clinical care in the medical record.

12. Adhere to organizational policies and procedures

13. Complete transfer summary based on information in the clinical record and assure “hand off” of information

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