BayMark Health Services

BayMark Health Services is a specialty health care organization whose core business is to provide evidence-based, individualized treatment services for those addicted to opioids.

BayMark Health Services was formed in 2015 with the merger of two well-known and highly respected opioid treatment companies, BAART Programs and MedMark Treatment Centers. Together, these companies brought over 50 years of combined medication-assisted treatment (MAT) experience to create BayMark. Until 2016, BayMark had focused on providing MAT services in federally certified, state licensed, and CARF accredited Opiate Treatment Programs (OTP), using methadone and buprenorphine along with counseling and support services.

In keeping with BayMark’s mission to provide comprehensive medication-assisted treatment services, AppleGate Recovery and The Coleman Institute were acquired in 2017 and added to the BayMark family of treatment brands. Their office-based treatment programs expand the range of services offered by BayMark with alternative modalities and settings to better meet the diverse needs of our patients.