MASC Medical Recruitment Firm

At MASC Medical Recruitment Firm in South Florida, we provide healthcare consulting and recruitment solutions for clients on a nationwide scale. Our proven strategies and attention to detail are what makes us one of the leading healthcare consultants and recruiters in the country. Our ties with other leading physician recruiters in the nation assures us that we will be able to deliver a personalized solution in concise manner that will build our client’s trust and create long lasting business relationships.

MASC Medical Recruitment Firm has ties with several graduate schools in all specialties of medicine giving us priority access to the top candidates at each of these universities. The ability to reach these graduate students while in the process of choosing their employment prospects lets MASC Medical understand their needs, career and personal goals. When dealing with healthcare professionals, MASC strives to treat each individual as just that, an individual that is an essential part to our community.

Whether our clients are in need of a recent graduate or an experienced healthcare professional, we try to distance ourselves from the competition by understanding each client has their own individual needs and focus on those needs in order to successfully place them with an employer.

In healthcare staffing there are many choices, MASC Medical Recruitment Firm strives to set ourselves apart by working with numerous types of clients and giving each of those clients a dedicated team of personnel to listen, understand, and fulfill their recruitment needs. From clinics serving underprivileged and rural areas to nationwide health systems, MASC Medical Recruitment Firm will treat each client individually and supplies them with a single point of contact that they can rely on time and time again.

Combining our experience, proven consulting strategies and numerous healthcare affiliations throughout the nation, MASC Medical Recruitment Firm has innovative solutions and the diverse industry experience that can be counted on by our clients. Longevity is key in the physician recruiter industry and MASC Medical will be there from inception with the physician recruiting process.