AthenPollo LLC

AthenPollo is a staffing and direct hire recruiting agency with a 8+ year track record filling roles in nursing, allied healthcare, LPN, NP, physiotherapists, doctors and pharmacists.

What makes us different:

Professional Profiling – to pinpoint the skills, experience and personal qualities most important to hiring success!

A+ Candidate Screening – candidates hand selected to be the  “right fit”.

Professionally Designed Skill. Talent. Motivational Assessments – to reduce hiring mistakes!

Thorough Background and Reference Check Services –  to make sure you know who you’re hiring – really!

Customized Service and Pricing Options – to fit every need and budget!

Up Close and Personalized Guidance – every step of the way!

Everybody knows that there is a shortage of skilled RNs in the United States. So you want to go where you can make the most of your skills and experience. We’re medical professionals too, so we deliver exactly what you, as a talented nurse, expect and deserve.


Our Mission:

Why Choose AthenPollo LLC?

Our real priority is you — the professional. When you join AthenPollo LLC you become part of our team.