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DocStar Medical Partners Iowa, USA
Oct 27, 2020
Shift(s) Needed: Day shift -6:30am - 4:00p Description of Call Coverage:       1st Call  Monday through Friday and Last shift (2nd Call) Monday through Friday; Weekends: Day shift/call 0630 to 1500 Saturday and Sunday with 2nd Call coverage the rest of the hours until 700 Monday; Late shift-1500 through 0700 next day for the scheduled and emergent cases.  Work as a team so that if one is working and there is another case that cannot wait then the 2nd provider on call that weekend is called in. Weekday Call Hours: 7a-7a 1st Call; 1130 to 0700 2nd Call (Late Shift) Weekend Call Hours: 7a-7a Saturday through Monday morning Call Back (coming into facility)%: 70% Phone consult %: 2%   Details: Average number of surgical cases:    6900 O.R. (600/mo.); 2500 Endoscopy cases  (270/mo.) Average number of pain management cases: 3/day ESIs/LPs Percentage of: General %   20% OB...
DocStar Medical Partners New Hampshire, USA
Oct 26, 2020
Starting in Jan 4 for 3 months in New Hampshire for a locum Locum will work clinic 8a to 5p Monday to Friday and pick up 4 call shifts a month. Locum will be rounding at the hospital Below are details regarding the job but please see the attached practice description in Trio for further details.  Clinic -20 patients a day Adult - 85% Pediatric - 15% Outpatient - 90% Inpatient - 10% Trauma level - 3 Next-Gen (Dragon) SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS NCCPA -  Required NH license -  Required Ortho experience  - Required CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS NCCPA STATE LICENSE REQUIREMENTS New Hampshire