Wecare Tlc

Our company mission is to maintain our clients’ confidence, good faith, reliance and trust, to see our health centers as trusted medical homes, by successfully maintaining and improving employees’ health and wellness.

Wecare Tlc Hoover, AL, USA
Sep 10, 2019
Full time
The WeCare tlc Lead RN is the single most important and the most difficult job at any one of our medical homes. You have been hired because you are holistic, caring and an awesome physician liaison. The company will expect you to collaborate and solve on-site problems quickly and efficiently in order to save lives.   The Lead RN will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the medical center's staff.   You will: Bring your best game to work every day Exercise critical thinking and be the visionary leader for the center Oversee and manage the everyday operation of the center Help your medical center evolve as it needs to in order to meet the needs of the patient population. Be upbeat, positive and optimistic Be an educator, patient advocate and trusted advisor Deliver effective care to your patients As the team leader, you will work in tandem with the attending physician, and the center’s staff Help patients take...