The Research Masters

The Research Masters is a best in class content development company working for leading publishers, educational institutions and healthcare organizations in the world.  For our nursing clients, we regularly develop core content lessons, tutorials, videos and assessment items for NCLEX, a variety of continuing educational materials, plus competency-based items for nursing and other allied health related careers.  

$35.00 - $45.00 hourly
The Research Masters Remote
Mar 02, 2021
Part time
We are seeking nurse educators with a minimum of five years teaching experience at an educational institution who are well versed in the following disciplines:   Mental health  Pediatrics Pharmacology Adult Med Surge Maternal Newborn  This is a remote position  to work with a major publisher producing NCLEX Next Generation test items. 
$40.00 - $50.00 hourly
The Research Masters Remote (Nationwide)
Jan 26, 2021
Part time
Experienced nurse writer, educator and/or subject matter expert to write test preparation materials including test banks, practice tests and tutorials specifically to prepare students to pass the NCLEX ® . Nurse must have expertise, familiarity, and/or adept ability to learn, grasp and accurately implement new writing techniques for Next Generation NCLEX ® (NGN) style items. NGN test items are designed to test higher-level cognitive thinking skills to bridge the gap between preparedness for the NCLEX ® and its successful completion, and on-the-job performance.  These items will prepare nurses for their healthcare careers in a manner that goes beyond simply knowing how to recite information or protocols. Tasks will include writing question stems, creating answer options, writing rationales and step-by-step case studies aligned to NGN testing standards and formatting Training will be provided.